How to Place an IVFMeds Order

Orders+ can be placed using the method that best suits you. You have a choice of using our online ordering system, sending a fax, or phoning our customer service centre.

Please note that whatever method you choose your order will only be shipped after receiving a copy of a valid prescription from an infertility specialist.

If you have a scanned version of your prescription we recommend uploading it to our secure server. Otherwise you can fax it, together with a fax cover page that will be generated for you, to our order processing centre.

First Time Orders

The first time you order online you will be asked to create an account. The account is established for the person placing the order. If you are not the actual patient you will need to provide the patient's details, which must match what is written on the prescription.

Repeat Orders

Placing a repeat order is very fast. Once you have logged-in our order system will remember your account information.

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